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We are bombarded on a daily basis with society trying to pass off homosexuality as the norm. There are even studies that now say people are born homosexuals. Homosexuals want equal rights. They want to be able to marry and have what they call normal families without prejudice. Here in lies the problem, God created Adam and Eve and commanded them to go multiply. He did not make Adam and Steve or Eve and Louise. He made man that they fit together as one as He did with animals as well. Being so against homosexuality and other sexual sins He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. He did not make someone a homosexual just as He did not make someone a pedophile.  One cannot put an object together by using two bolts or by using two nuts. The object takes one male bolt and one female nut. We all understand the concept. Some just want to change it. Homosexuality is just people’s sick twisted sexual desires as is being a pedophile, bisexual, dominatrix or any other twisted sexual tendencies. The world needs to take a better stand on the issue. Bill Clinton let them out of the closet and now they want to be treated as our equals. Well if they should be treated as a Heterosexual married couple then I guess you should say the same about pedophiles. They just want to be happy too. If we give in to the homosexuals and keep letting society flood our media and our lives with the examples homosexuals set then how long do you think we as a race will become extinct? It does take male and female to procreate. Without the man there is no sperm and without the woman there is no egg and it takes both of these combined. Yes, there are those out there practicing being God and creating babies in a dish for homosexual couples. That isn’t right either. Children should not be allowed to grow up in the home of homosexuals. We were never meant to have two dad raising kids or two moms raising kids. All children need the nurturing of a mother and the sternness of a father. Both were made to become one and both compliment each other in raising a family when it is done properly.


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Emergency Essentials

Preparedness Pantry Blog This is an awsome website to help people purchase and keep track of their food storage items. Being prepared is essential to life these days. There is so much chaos in the world today, our economy is bad and one can have a job today and it be gone tomorrow. We never know what the weather may bring as far as disaster or drought. Everyone needs to be prepared.

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